The SAILOR mini-C solutions are designed to minimize the airtime traffic you need to pay for. As one of the few solutions on the market the built-in Vessel Monitoring System allows event based position reporting. This means that the solution only transmits when it is truly necessary. At the same time the SAILOR mini-C provides the owner with a range of other useful applications for the technology – such as e-mail, free Enhanced Group Call reception and Inmarsat-C maritime distress.

Small, discreet and easy to install

The SAILOR mini-C products from Thrane & Thrane are the world’s first mini-C tracking solutions. They consist of one small integrated unit housing a 12-channel GPS receiver, Inmarsat-C antenna and transceiver. Fully sealed and water proof, the mini-C is designed and approved for maritime installations. Yet, it weighs only 1.1 kg and measures 16 cm in diameter. This means it is very easy to fit, cabling costs are low, and weak links in the installation are minimized. The result is a reliable and cost efficient tracking and safety solution.

The basics

The SAILOR mini-C solutions offer three types of basic functions: Data Reporting, Polling and Two-way Messaging.

* Data Reporting

With built-in GPS receiver the SAILOR mini-C always keeps track. The position information is transmitted to the on shore recipients in short data reports via the Inmarsat-C network. The intervals between reports may be determined by a fixed schedule, by certain events, or by remote polling from i.e. the monitoring authority. A standard data report contains information about latitude, longitude, speed, course, time, date as well as the SAILOR mini-C identity number. However, the data report package can be tailored to suit even the most specific needs: With Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) or automatic event based reporting the SAILOR mini-C will append additional data of what generated the report.

* Polling

Polling allows configuration and control of the SAILOR mini-C from the shore. The monitoring authority can request an instant position report or change the data reporting intervals by a single command. You can also change and maintain the SAILOR mini-C’s VMS configuration from afar. And you can do it all either one ship at a time or an entire fleet at once.

* Two-Way Messaging

Inmarsat-C makes it possible to send and receive different types of text messages. Install the free easyMail program on a pc connected to the SAILOR mini-C, and you are all set to receive Enhanced Group Calls or send catch reports at all times. You can also exchange e-mails, SMS, fax, telex and special messages to other Inmarsat-C or mini-C terminals.

Further functions

* GPS Position Log

The SAILOR mini-C automatically logs more than 10.000 positions along with information about speed, course and different events. The data are logged at predefined intervals independently of normal reporting. This amounts to a full log of the vessel’s whereabouts for several months which can always be retrieved from the system, either directly or via remote polling. Crucial for documentation purposes, for instance.

* Free Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)

The SAILOR mini-C (TT-3026S & TT-3026D) can receive Enhanced Group Calls (EGC), improving safety and daily life at sea. This free-of-charge maritime safety information is broadcasted 24/7 to all sea areas via the Inmarsat-C network, either as SafetyNet or FleetNet information. SafetyNet messages include severe weather warnings, drifting goods notifications and distress information about nearby ships typically transmitted from the nearest Marine Rescue.

Coordination Centre (MRCC). FleetNet could be general information from flag authorities on shore. The EGC reception, configuration and print-out are done easily via the free easyMail PC program from Thrane & Thrane.

* Maritime Distress Calling – increased safety on board

The SAILOR TT-3026D mini-C features the advanced and reliable Inmarsat-C maritime distress function based on the well-known and unique Inmarsat-C distress service that is defined by IMO and an integral part of GMDSS. No matter where you go and how wild the sea, pressing the distress button activates a high priority distress message relayed automatically to the nearest MRCC. The MRCC will respond with rescue coordination activities including EGC SafetyNet messages to all nearby vessels. And you only get it with Inmarsat-C.

Three different models

With SAILOR mini-C from Thrane & Thrane you can choose between three different versions:

  • TT-3026M: The most simple configuration providing full tracking functionalities, VMS and messaging.
  • TT-3026S: Include EGC SafetyNet and FleetNet reception capabilities.
  • TT-3026D: Beyond EGC reception features Inmarsat-C maritime distress calling providing full tracking and safety system on board.


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