Based on a lifetime experience in maritime communication products for the GMDSS requirements, Thrane & Thrane now presents a GMDSS solution made from the 4th generation Inmarsat-C platform: The new SAILOR TT-3026C mini-C GMDSS transceiver.

The SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System has been developed to meet market requirements for reliable and stable communication. Whether it is an emergency that requires distress calling or messaging of ordinary commercial character, the SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system is your ultimate choice as a reliable satellite communication platform. The ruggedized compact design of the SAILOR TT-3026C GMDSS mini-C transceiver makes it very attractive for your new GMDSS solution. SAILOR TT-3000E is based on proven technology from the largest supplier of Inmarsat-C terminals.

Ship Security Alert System add-on

The TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System comprises the possibility to function as Ship Security Alert System also. Based on the experiences from the well-known SAILOR TT-3000SSA Ship Security Alert System, it has been a natural evolution to develop an add-on solution for the SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system. The SSAS add-on kit is expected to be available from second quarter of 2006.


  • Full compliance with the latest Inmarsat-C specifications for GMDSS with distress calling CN114, IEC 1097-4, IEC 945, and CE requirements
  • 2-way data, fax, and e-mail transfer to destinations worldwide
  • Reception of Inmarsat-C broadcasted maritime safety information (Enhanced Group Call)
  • Data- and position reporting to multiple destinations and time intervals
  • Flexible installation
  • SSAS functionality as an upgrade solution
  • Supports LocPoint Web-based tracking and SSAS management solution

The SAILOR TT-3000E GMDSS System
The SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System comprises the following items:

SAILOR TT-3026C mini-C GMDSS Transceiver
Latest family member in the highly successful mini-C products from Thrane & Thrane.

SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal
The compact SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal features a 10.4″” high-resolution TFT flat panel display with an advanced light sensor to ensure clear and straightforward operation in any light conditions. The terminal features e-mail, telex, fax or data.

SAILOR TT-3616C Junction Box
Newly designed Junction Box for the SAILOR TT-3000E system. Lives up to maritime standards for easy access and reliable cable mounting.

SAILOR TT-3042C Remote Alarm / Distress Box
This unit features both visual and audio alarm functions indicating incoming EGC distress messages. The Remote Alarm increases safety at sea by enabling a distress alert to be sent from up to 3 locations on board the vessel.

SAILOR TT-3608A Compact Printer Unit
The printer unit is designed for direct connection to the SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal in order to ensure that all EGC and safety messages are printed without delay.

SAILOR N163S Power Supply
The universal AC/DC power supply featuring automatic change-over from AC mains to 24V DC, ensuring continued power.


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