Consilium’s experience in designing and manufacturing Marine Radar Systems goes back to the last 30 years and is distinguished by innovative radar solutions.

Consilium is extremely proud to introduce a new series of improved X-band radars which provide mariners with even better detection capability. The new configuration is characterized by reduced weight, small dimensions and compact electronics thereby offering the proper solution for installation even on small High Speed Crafts.

ARPA Radar Display

The Selux ARPA display is produced in three different configurations.

The deck configuration provides an optional display deck stand which can also house the electronic cabinet. The modular configuration with monitor, keyboard and ARPA electronic cabinet supplied as three separate modules which can be flush mounted into the bridge console to the customers´ preference.

The table top configuration where the monitor and key- board are housed into an ergonomic console while the ARPA electronics are contained in a separate bulkhead mounted cabinet.



X-band antenna group including 6, 9 or 12 feet antenna and pedestal with 12/25 kW transceiver up-mast and down-mast.


S-band antenna group including 12 feet antenna and pedestal with 30 kW transceiver up-mast and down-mast.


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