Remote Acquisition Panel
1. There is certain channel, 23 and 24, to be our defined channel for Remote acquisition
panel. Channel 24 is main channel, while 23 is for spare, bound rate is 38400. Pls be
noted that 23 &24 channel is fixed for remote acquisition , and do not connect
to other places if no special requirement.

2. Wire for Remote Acquisition Panel is 4 core: When AC and DC 24V are all cut off,
power supply for RAP is also cut, no battery for RAP, definition for four core cable is:
Black:NMEA+, Blue:NMEA-, Red:24V+, Brown,GND;Black blue is signal wire,
red Brown is power supply wire.

3. You must choose one for main unit when many RAP are in parallel connection, pls do
set switch of main unit of SW DIP-4 to be 0000,and the rest for other RAP code must
be sole.,otherwise RAP cannot work normally. We suggest code is in order, and
parallel connect all part RAP output port to main RAP output port, then connect to
Main Cabinet Unit. If there is only one RAP, then no need change set for SW DIP-4.
set for leaving factory are all default to be 0000.
Pls note: One is low position, 4 is high position, ( see following form)


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