A lot of bridge equipment, for instance Radar, ECDISa and VDR, require gyro heading and log speed input. Much equipment, especially older devices, can be connected to stepper or synchro (gyro) and old standard 200 pulses/NM output (log), while a lot of newer equipment is expecting serial NMEA data only, which makes it necessary to convert from these signalling formats to serial NMEA data.

The requirement for this is further enhanced by the upcoming S-VDR standard. This standard, in comparison to the old “”full-blown”” VDR standard permits the user to connect only sensors having industry-standard NMEA output, but with a few important exceptions. Those exceptions include both Gyro and Log.

LGN is in some respects derived from the S2N gyro converter, it is however restricted to handle gyro signal formats stepper or synchro geared 180:1 or 360:1 as well as 200 p/NM from sped log. For any application that requires other gear rations or even the possibility to handle 1:1 synchro output gyros (getting rid of all alignment problems) we would strongly recommend the S2N.

Mechanically, the unit is identical with S2N. It could be mounted on a bulkhead or in a panel using the supplied mounting flanges or the trunnion mounting kit can be used for deckhead or console-top outhing.

The LED display is fully dimmable and the unit can and shall be mounted so that is visible for monitoring the heading alignment. The display normally indictaes heading, but speed can also be checked by operator control.


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