The Synchro/Stepper – NMEA converter S2N is intended to be used for interfacing gyros to AIS, VDR, S-VDR, ECDIS etc as well as acting as a gyro repeater. It is compliant not only with IEC 60945 and IEC 61162-1/-2 but also also with all relevant IMO gyro standards, including the need for 40 Hz update rate and 20 second tracking rate as required by IMO for High Speed Craft.

The unit converts from any standard synchro (any frequency or DC) or stepper formats to standard NMEA 0183/IEC 61162-1/-2 serial data.


This includes also 1:1 synchro at full 0.1 resolution, thereby avoiding the alignment problem completely. Update rate can be set from 1 Hz up to 40 Hz.

Alignment for geared synchro/stepper formats can be done using the push-buttons and monitored using the built-in LED displays, which are also dimmable within a wide range.

Mounting options

The standard version (shown above) has two mounting flanges that allows the unit to be mounted in a panel from front or rear or, if the flanges are reversed, on a bulkhead. Cable intake glands are located under the box.

For mounting on a horizontal surface, a trunnion mounting kit 9089A is available. This can be used for deckhead mount or for mounting on top of a horizontal surface (shown below)

The kit also includes an extra rear panel with holes for cable glands, which makes it possible to move the cable intake from the underside of the unit to the rear panel.


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