Gyrocompass provides the following data:

  • heading against the geographical meridian at the vessel speed up to 90 knots, latitude up to 80 degrees, roll and pitch angles up to 50 degrees;
  • rate of turn;
  • information about operation mode and failures.


  • Maintenance free
  • Efficient one box design
  • Small size and versatility
  • Automatic start-up and alignment against the meridian
  • Short initial settling time
  • Fast settling with the preset heading
  • High reliability
  • High static and dynamic accuracy (latitude and speed compensation, automatic compensation of temperature drifts)
  • Easy installation and adjustment, built-in testing
  • No compass fluid, extra cooling and heating are required, no periodic determination and compensation of azimuth drift, simplified methods of horizontal drift determination and compensation
  • Adjustment of scale illumination brightness
  • Ecological safety
  • Operating temperature from -15°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature from -60°C to +80°C
  • Shock exceeding 5G


Gyrocompass has a mono-block design. The compass casing is made of a foamed polyurethane and has a window on the top for the compass card. If necessary, built-in Control Unit may be mounted remotely, at the distance up to 100 meters away from gyrocompass.

The heart of the gyrocompass is a dynamically-tuned gyroscope – a very accurate sensor that ensures a follow-up speed up to 200°/s. A extreme value that will not occur even at the fastest high speed vessels. The gyro is able to withstand even extreme shocks exceeding 5G.


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