The Kannad AIS AtoN (Aid to Navigation) is an IALA compliant beacon that is designed to be installed

on navigational hazards, offshore wind farms, oil and gas

platforms/pipelines etc as well as fixed or floating aids to navigation such as buoys and markers, further enhancing their operation by alerting any AIS equipped vessels that are within range, while also providing additional data such as position, current status, real time warnings and reducing the risk of collision even in poor visibility.

There are two models available – the Kanaton 1 is an AIS transmitter only and the Kanaton 3 is a transmitter/receiver which allows it to be remotely controlled from a shore station network.

The Remote Monitoring System uses a web-based application to receive the AIS data relayed from the AtoNs which is designed to be

compatible with any new and current Aid to Navigation systems.

The units include a VHF and GPS antennas and are supplied with the necessary cables and connectors, along with any necessary hardware and software for configuration, testing and maintenance. The AtoNs can also be linked with

a range of sensors, providing up to the minute hydrological, meteorological and other environmental data to the shore station. This real-time data can be used for a wide variety of purposes apart from navigational use including environmental protection and monitoring, navigation study and analysis, economic optimisation and more.


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