Meets GMDSS requirements

The IC-GM651 is a compact VHF radio telephone with Ch 70 watchkeeping receiver and CLASS A DSC functions. The radio meets the GMDSS requirements as required for SOLAS regulated commercial vessels engaging in international voyages. With the optional PS-250 DC-DC power supply, the IC-GM651 also meets MED 96/98/EC, “”wheelmark”” requirements for European merchant ships.


Built-in ITU Class A DSC

An independent DSC receiver constantly watches Ch 70 VHF DSC channel, while using another channel. The Class A DSC provides automated distress and safety communication. Received distress signals can be relayed to a coast station. A total of 100 MMSI IDs can be stored with a 10-character name.

PS-250 DC-DC power supply and PS-240 AC-DC power supply available

The optional PS-250* DC-DC power supply offers stable 12.5V power to the IC-GM651 from a 12V/24V DC (10.8-31.2V DC) power source and provides floating ground connection. The optional PS-240 AC-DC power supply unit is also available with the PS-250. When connecting a storage battery to the PS-240, the PS-240 automatically switches the power source for backup, even if the AC power fails.

* The PS-250 MUST BE USED with the IC-GM651 for MED certification compliance.

HS-98 Handset and/or HM-126RB-1 speaker-microphone selectable

The IC-GM651 gives you the choice of a handset and/or speaker-microphone. The handset provides clear audio even in noisy environments. The speaker-microphone has a remote control function to control operating channel and transmit power with dedicated buttons.

Rugged and waterproof construction* for professional use

To withstand harsh marine environments, the IC-GM651 has been tested to and passed the rigorous salt spray test. In addition, the front panel of the IC-GM651 has waterproof protection equivalent to IPX7 which withstands 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes.

Large full dot-matrix display

The large full dot-matrix display provides an easy-to-see user friendly graphical interface. DSC operations can be made easily with the operation guide on the bottom line of the display such as “”ENT”” to Set (OK), “”CLR”” to Go back (BACK), “”F8″” to Print (PRT), etc. The message icon ( ) on the display shows you have a new DSC message.

Superior receiver performance

The IC-GM651 has excellent receive performance which allows a weak signal a better chance of being heard when louder signals are around it. The powerful audio output from the front facing large 66mm diameter speaker further increases the audibility and quality of received calls.

Slim dimensions for clean installation

The 109.4 mm* depth and 4×8″” stylish design is easy to install into a limited space. Flush mount installation is available with the MB-75 flush mount kit.

Other features

  • Priority/normal scan
  • Dualwatch/Tri-watch functions
  • Instant access to Ch. 16 and call channel
  • 7 level adjustable backlit display and keypad
  • AquaQuake water draining function

Versatile extensibility

The IC-GM651 has various connectors to connect with external equipment.

  • VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) connector
  • Printer connector (D-SUB 25-pin)
  • GPS receiver connection: IEC61162-1 input
  • Navigation equipment connection: IEC61162-1 output
  • External speaker connection


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