KANNAD acquires the man overboard alert system WAVEFINDER

To complete its range of products aimed at improving the safety of sailors, KANNAD has acquired the intellectual property and assets of the man overboard alert and location system WAVEFINDER. This system, developed by the Swiss company WAVEMIND SA, has already been fitted on a large number of pleasure boats as well as on several offshore race teams.

The WAVEFINDER is an autonomous system that automatically alerts the crew when someone falls overboard. It gives an immediate, exact location of the person in the water. As soon as a transmitter is activated, the WAVEFINDER continuously displays the direction to head for in order to find the man overboard as well as the approximate area. The guidance provided to pinpoint the person is excellent, whatever the weather conditions.

This product is intended for all sailors, professional or otherwise, who are concerned about the safety of their crew members, their visitors or their family.

This system is necessary to alert and guide the boat’s crew in a man overboard situation. It provides precise and clear guidance to facilitate the search for the person in the water in the shortest time possible whatever the sea and wind conditions, and the currents. It is an active, intelligent safety system that operates alongside the existing safety accessories.

About Kannad
KANNAD is specialised in the design of positioning, measurement and data transmission systems for harsh environments. KANNAD figures among the world leaders in the field of maritime, aeronautic and terrestrial distress beacons.

KANNAD also has a subsidiary in Canada called METOCEAN that is present in the scientific instrumentation and tracking markets.

About Wavemind SA
Wavemind SA is an electronic design company specialised in onboard applications, radio-frequency hardware and low-consumption electronics. It was created in 2000 in Lausanne in Switzerland with the aim of designing and building electronic equipment for marine applications.


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