SAL R1a is the fourth generation acoustic correlation SAL speed log for measuring relative speed – speed through the water. The log is designed to meet requirements as specified by authorities and shipowners. Its performance exceeds the various IMO specifications and has proven reliability in many thousand installations worldwide.

Main features of the SAL R1a log

  • Acoustic correlation technology.
  • Easy set-up and calibration procedures from the bridge SD4 indicator.
  • Flexible calibration allows very accurate reading over the speed range.
  • Small size bottom arrangement – transducer diameter 32 mm – for easy installation.
  • Bottom arrangements are fully compatible with previous models of SAL Imcor and SAL R1.
  • A number of various bottom part adapters enables retrofit, exchange of existing systems, even on ships afloat.

General Description

The basic version of SAL R1a includes bottom arrangements – alternatively with or without sea valve, transducer, electronics unit all mounted in the bow area and SD-indicators as selected installed in the bridge area. The unit provides serial output signal according to IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) as well as 200 pulses per NM and analogue voltage output.


The electronics are mounted on a circuit board enclosed in a splash proof steel box. Cable glands are provided in the bottom plate of the box.

Bottom arrangements are available for both single and double bottom hull constructions including sea valve for easy access and maintenance, and if necessary, exchange of transducer from inside without dry-docking.


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