The “third eye” on your boat is bright, easy and reliable

When it is dark, rainy and foggy or objects are too far away to see, the MR-570R acts like as your “third eye”. The bright and clear LCD display and easy to operate key layout, always provides reliable information, even in critical situations. In the uncertain and unpredictable ocean, one thing you can count on is the MR-570R, will always help guide you where you want to go, safely and easily with powerful 4kW output generating observations for up to 36 nautical miles.

Powerful 4kW output for 36 nautical miles observations
The 60cm (2ft) radome scanner provides from 0.125 to 36 nautical miles of observation with the powerful 4kW of magnetron. The scanner antenna rotates up to 48 times in a minute. This allows an efficient screen renewal for fast moving vessels.

Waypoint indication
When connected to a GPS or other navigation system, which have NMEA 0183, N+1, AUX data format outputs, the waypoint indication is shown on the screen (with ship’s position in Lon/Lat and distance to the point).

High-contrast 5.7″ LCD display
The compact 5.7″ display is convenient for pleasure boats or fast moving vessels, where space is at a premium. Set it on dashboard or hang it under the roof. Its QVGA (320 × 240 pixels) display clearly shows the radar echoes in 4 shades. The negative display setting lights up objects in white during night time operation.

EPA and MOB The EPA* (Electrical Plotting Aid) allows you to plot 10 targets and forecast the courses with these vectors on the screen. The CPA (Closest Point Approach) and TCPA (Time to Closest Point Approach) alarm gives the audible warning when the targets come close to you. In addition, the MOB* (Man Overboard) point keeps the position on the screen if a crew member falls overboard.
* EPA and MOB requires additional bearing and position data.

Rugged construction and easy installation
The display unit is shielded tight to be water resistant equivalent to JIS 4 (except cables). The radome cover is made of AES resin for durability and is lightweight. It withstand the severe environment for many years. The system cables allow easy and flexible installation.

Power save function and standby mode
For saving battery consumption, the power save function suspends the transmission 1 to 30 minutes. In that time, the display are turned off. And standby mode setting stops the transmission and shows the navigation data on the display.

4 types of operating modes The true motion* mode provides easy recognition of your vessel action. It fixes the surroundings and moves your position on the screen according to your real movement. Also North-up, Course-up and Heading-up are available.
* True motion requires additional bearing and position data.

2 EBL’s and 2 VRM’s
By having 2 EBL’S (Electronic Bearing Lines) and 2 VRM’s (Variable Range Markers), this allows tracking of 2 targets simultaneously. Further more, advanced measuring such as the distance and bearing between 2 targets, relative speed and course of a target, and distance and course from a waypoint are available.


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