SARBE SARFind, the SARBE GPS decoder, provides the user with a position and identity readout of up to 64 individually tracked beacons. SARBE SARFind may be programmed to decode either standard SAR transmissions or Combat mode transmissions.

SARBE SARFind is a ‘Carry On – Carry Off’ unit that incorporates a rechargeable power source providing not less than 18 hours endurance with complete independence from the aircraft power system. Using SARBE SARFind simply involves connecting the integral headset lead to the aircraft communications system.

During operation, the SARBE SARFind front panel display provides the following information about the detected SARBE:

Beacon Identity.
Beacon position in Latitude and Longitude.
Time elapsed since reception of last beacon transmission.
Time of GPS acquisition by beacon.
An audible alert tone is provided, which sounds when a successful position decode is established. This function may be disabled at any time by operation of the ‘ALARM INHIBIT’ switch.

The front panel display is optically filtered to give best viewing under adverse conditions. The display is NVG compatible.


The SARBE SARFind may be programmed to operate in either SAR or Combat mode. In SAR mode, SARBE SARFind will respond to any SAR coded SARBE transmission. It will not detect or respond to a SARBE operating in the Combat mode.

In Combat mode, the following parameters may be programmed into SARBE SARFind:

Mission operating code.
SARBE call signs for up to 64 beacons.
Single beacon detection (SARBE SARFind will respond to a specific user identity provided the correct mission code is also received).
Group beacon detection (SARBE SARFind will respond to a specific group of user identities provided the correct mission code is also received).


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