Sarbe CommLink

SARBE CommLink is an advanced, versatile digital wireless

intercom system that brings optimum audio clarity, security

and ease of use to single- or multi-group life saving and other

hazardous missions.

Key features

• Full duplex, No Loss VOX, PTT and Noise Cancelling

• Clear, versatile communications via up to four intercom groups

• Up to km intercom range (line of sight) on UHF/VHF

• Ruggedized, fully submersible handsets

• Automatic power-saving – returns to low power setting when

range not required

• Dual band transceiver with maritime VHF for direct radio

communication between rescuers and other response groups

• Handset mic for direct communication with the casualty

without user needing to remove helmet

• Integrated AIS-SART and GPS positioning.

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