Salı, 23 Eki 2018

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Sailor SP3500 GMDSS Portable VHF Radio

Hands-on communication - designed to last

The well known user-friendliness and robust exterior of the Thrane & Thrane SAILOR VHF design is now available in an impressive handheld series the SAILOR SP3500.

The new SAILOR SP3500 series offers a unique design of professional radios with strong features and a reliability that can be expected from any SAILOR product from Thrane & Thrane.

The first three products in the series to be launched are:

  • SAILOR SP3510 - Portable VHF
  • SAILOR SP3515 - Portable VHF with Scrambler and CTCSS
  • SAILOR SP3520 - Portable VHF GMDSS

The SAILOR SP3510 and SAILOR SP3515 have been developed to offer the professional user an ideal portable VHF for on board communication, while the SAILOR SP3520 is a portable VHF approved for GMDSS.

Wide range of features:

Designed with the user, and the harsh environment at sea, in mind all SAILOR SP3500 products offers a wide range of advanced features, among these are:

  • sp3500 simulatorRobust design
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Large display
  • Clear sound
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Ribbed grip
  • Interface to external accessories