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Walker 7070


The new weather data functions include measurement of barometric pressure, air temperature and humidity by sensors housed in a single tower and water temperature via a sensor installed in a cooling water inlet pipe.

This compact, cost effective system takes advantage of 'state of the art' electronics to process log, wind and weather sensor inputs, outputting digital data on a single NMEA 0183 data bus to DIN 144 data displays.

Log, wind and weather elements may also be specified separately or in various combinations.


  • Full sensor compatibility with WALKER 4040, 4060 and 2060 log and wind systems.
  • Now with alternative combined masthead option.
  • Digital display to DIN 144 for log speed and distance travelled.
  • Digital display to DIN l44 for wind speed and direction combined with 72 x LED's giving 'analogue' display of wind direction.
  • RELATIVE or TRUE wind data display with appropriate inputs to master unit.
  • 4 levels of speed log calibration.
  • NMEA 0183 interface to ship systems.
  • Ease of installation, use and service.
  • Speed over ground (SOG) indication from ships GPS NMEA 0 I 83 input.
  • SOG
  • NEW Weather data functions: Barometric pressure, Barometric pressure trend, Air Temperature, Humidity and Water temperature.
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