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Consilium SAL T2+

The new SAL T2+ Speed Log is designed for ships over 50.000 GT with simultaneous and independent measurement of relative speed through water and true two-axis speed over ground

New stricter interpretation of SOLAS requirement for Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment (SDME) for vessels +50.000 GT. As a result of the new and stricter interpretation of SOLAS Ch. V, Reg. 19 Paragraph 2.3.4 and 2.9.2, ships of 50.000 gross tonnage and upwards must be equipped with two separate and independent devices to indicate speed and distance over ground and speed and distance through water.

Dual axis speed logs

A vast majority of the dual axis speed logs available on the market, based on the Doppler principle with the same unit for both measurements, are therefore no longer compliant with the SOLAS carriage requirements. In order for Doppler speed logs to comply with the SOLAS requirements it is necessary to use two separate speed logs, one for speed over ground and one for speed through water, with two complete installations.

Acoustic Correlation Principle

With the Acoustic Correlation Principle it is possible to fulfill the requirements for independent and simultaneous measurement with two separate integrated units into one system and the installation will only require one hull penetration. The new SAL T2+ speed log system complies with the stricter carriage requirement in SOLAS, Chapter V, Reg. 19, sec. 2.3.4 and sec. 2.9.2.

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