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Messenger tool for Inmarsat-C and mini-C transceivers

easyMail is a Windows based software tool allowing on-board text communication through a Thrane & Thrane Inmarsat-C or mini-C transceiver.

The global coverage provided by the Inmarsat-C satellite network, alows reception and transmision of messages from any ocean, directly to an e-mail address, SMS, fax, Telex or another Inmarsat-C or mini-C transceiver.

Depending on Inmarsat-C and mini-C model, easyMail is prepared for Enhanced Group Call (EGC) reception, comprising of FleetNet and SafetyNet. EGC supports reception of free Inmarsat-C broadcasted weather reports and maritme safety warnings etc, making easyMail more and more popular onboard commercial ships, fishing vessels and ocean going yachts, as the most simple and cost-efficient communications solution.

A Versatile Solution

easyMail works with all Thrane & Thrane non-SOLAS Inmarsat-C and mini-C transceivers, and is not approved for GMDSS systems. Extremely easy to install and operate, it is the perfect e-mail solution for people at sea.

Free of Charge

The latest version of the easyMail software is 1.13 (7 MB) and is available free of charge:

Download easyMail
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