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ALDEN AE-900 IMO Type Termal Paper Navtex Receiver

The ALDEN AE-900 is considered a "classical" Navtex unit.

It was introduced over 12 years ago by Alden Electronics, Inc. and it is still in operation with hundreds of commercial, fishing, and navy vessels. It operates automatically in the 518 KHz frequency to receive NAVTEX broadcasts worldwide. It uses a high speed, quiet thermal printer to provide sharp, legible messages on 4½ inch wide thermal paper. The AE-900 features an audible and visual alarm to alert personnel of any incoming search and rescue messages. Its small size and rugged construction allows counter, overhead or bulkhead installation. It swivels freely for easy viewing.

The AE-900 is designed to eliminate multiple printing of the same messages by only printing those messages not previously received. Specific message types and stations are selectable so only types of information and transmitting area needed are received. One Hundred Twenty-Eight (128) message ID's are stored for 68 hours so that received messages are not repeated. After 68 hours, retransmitted messages will once again be accepted. Should too many errors occur during initial reception of any given message, forward error correction (FEC) allows these messages to be repeated.

Although this unit does not comply with the latest IMO rules, it is perfectly capable of receiving all transmissions in 518 KHz.

An active steel whip antenna is normally supplied with this receiver as a standard accessory.

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