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ALDEN AE-2000 IMO Type TFT Navtex Receiver

AE-2000 Professional Navtex Receiver

If you need a dedicated NAVTEX receiver that is fully compliant with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution MSC.148 (77) then this unit is for you.

The AE-2000 is ideal for commercial ships, navy vessels, and commercial shipping boats. It has the largest, best readable color screen in the market! The 8 display is viewable from a distance even under the most unfavorable lighting conditions. The AE-2000 shows search and rescue (SAR) messages in red color to differentiate these distress messages from navigational or meteorological warnings.

For ease of reading, three colors can be selected for the screen background, making it one of the most advanced and flexible units in its class.

The Alden AE-2000 features two independently operating receivers (in compliance with IMO requirements). These receivers allow for the simultaneous reception of the standard 518 KHz NAVTEX signal, and either the 490 KHz or 4,209.5 KHz that is broadcast in some parts of the world. If both the domestic transmission and the international one occur at the same time, the AE-2000 displays the 518 KHz channel messages and stores the messages from the other band for review at a later time. Pressing a single key allows the operator to switch between the main channel and the second channel text pages.

For your convenience, should you require a hard copy of your Navtex messages, we offer a matching printer that plugs directly into one of the three external I/O ports in the back of the unit.

A 1.2 meter three-frequency active antenna is included as a standard accessory. Specially designed front-end filtering allows all NAVTEX channels to be received on the same antenna without cross-channel interference and without sacrificing receiver performance.

If you are looking for a professional, top of the line Navtex receiver, this will be your best choice.

Optional Accessories:

- Thermal printer