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ALDEN AE-1000 Compact Navtex Receiver

AE-1000 Compact Navtex Receiver

For the cost-conscious user that is not willing to compromise on quality, the AE-1000 is an excellent choice.

This is a compact LCD display Navtex receiver which offers outstanding quality at a very affordable price.

The AE-1000 is not intended to be used as a GMDSS approved component, but instead it is geared to the recreational user or for use in vessels that do not need to meet compulsory GMDSS/ IMO requirements. This receiver works in the 518KHz frequency, where domestic and most international Navtex messages are broadcast.

The NAVTEX message screen is a high contrast 4.5 inch LCD that provides a wide easy-to-read display (32 characters x 16 lines per page). You won't have to use and replace thermal paper again! The AE-1000 provides a fully electronic, economical, maintenance free solution. Both screen backlighting and contrast levels are fully adjustable. Stored messages can be scrolled line-by-line or message-by-message with a single keystroke, and can be output for printout with a PC or for other onboard or shore based applications.

A short, steel whip antenna is supplied with this receiver as a standard accessory.