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Kannad 9 GHz Rescuer SART GMDSS

KANNAD has completed its world renowned range of Kannad 406 Epirbs with the RESCUER Sart in order to fulfil GMDSS carriage requirements (Global Maritime Distress and safety System). The RESCUER Sart (Search and Rescue Radar Transponder) is a very simple 9 GHz receiver/transmitter which provides a position. The fundamental function of the SART is to indicate its position by producing range and bearing information on any 9 GHz radar screen (with no modification). The SART code displayed on the radar screen is a series of dots extending radially outwards from the location of the transponder. The series of dots represents a range of approximately 10 nautical miles. This indication is an internationnally accepted signal for Search And Rescue operations.


In an emergency, the RESCUER Sart is removed from its bracket and easily taken into a liferaft thanks to its small size and light weight for easy and safe installation by the survivors. It is also designed for liferaft on board passenger vessels (SART Carriage requirement for RO RO Passenger ships, Chapter III regulation 26) for quick deployment.


The velcro band supplied with the RESCUER Sart enables safe and easy installation inside the liferaft canopy for better stability and good transmission in heavy seas. 2 adapdation kits are available on option:

  • The metal adaptation plate
  • The telescopic pole in fibreglass