Sailor Uais1900

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Outstanding opportunities for safe navigation have been given with the SAILOR UAIS1900 system onboard vessels. Especially in dangerous or much frequented waters, the SAILOR UAIS1900 provides excellent information on other vessels in the area and improves safe navigation. Data, such as safety related navigational information can be received automatically from all other AIS systems within VHF range. The AIS system can also be used for transmission of text messages from one AIS system to another, or broadcast to all AIS systems within VHF range. This is particularly useful for broadcasting information on traffic, port conditions, pilots or safety matters.

The basic system

The system consists of the SAILOR UAIS1900 transponder and the SAILOR KDU1905 display system. The UAIS1900 transponder is based on two VHF datalink transceivers, an AIS transmitter, a computer and a built-in GPS.



  • Wheelmark approved
  • Designed for the maritime environment (IP66)
  • Primary display port
  • Pilot port
  • Long range port
  • Standard interfaces


  • Large 24×40 line graphical back-lit display
  • Hard and soft key
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Standard RS422 interface
  • Flush or desktop mounting


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