Sailor 6006 Message Terminal

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World’s first touch-screen GMDSS terminal

Housing powerful technology and with an intuitive, icon-driven multimedia style interface, the new SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal is the world’s first touch screen, GMDSS and radiotelex terminal.

The SAILOR 6006 works in conjunction with the SAILOR 6110 mini-C or a MF/HF network to provide easy access and complete control over your vessel’s IMO GMDSS safety systems, including E-Log, VMS and e-mail messaging. It features a variety of scalable options for greater flexibility, advanced cabling for simple installation and full compatibility with the SAILOR 6000 Console via ThraneLINK.

Designed specifically for use at sea and built with our dedication to quality, the powerful SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal is reliable, user-friendly and able to withstand any maritime environment.


  • High contrast touch-screen display with dimming
  • Perfect night and day vision
  • SD card and USB support
  • Integrated GMDSS distress button
  • Easy-to-use icon based interface
  • ThraneLINK


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