L 3 Protec Ais Base Station

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The L-3 ProTec Automatic Identification System (AIS) Base Station is a vessel traffic monitoring tool which provides shoreside facilities with a means for monitoring vessel movements through VHF Data Link (VDL) to shipboard AIS Transponders. The ProTec Base Station is fully compliant with IMO requirements for AIS and IALA recommendations for AIS shore stations and provides for both tracking of and communicating with AIS-equipped vessels within VHF range of thetowersite.

The ProTec AIS Base Station will allow the shore station to:

  • Identify and Track AIS-equipped Vessels
  • Monitor and Record Vessel Maneuvers
  • Deliver Safety Text Messages in Either Broadcast or Addressed Mode
  • Deliver Channel Management Commands
  • Rebroadcast AIS Data With Base Station Repeater Option


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