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Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav is a navigation interface providing a continual and ongoing source of GPS data to the revolutionary Kannad Integra (ER-N) ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter). This interface ensures the availability of location data when, for whatever reason, the Kannad Integra (ER-N) ELT’s internal GPS cannot receive a signal. In this instance the interface provides back-up GPS position data taken from the aircraft’s own panel mounted GPS.

Marking a major step forward in the development of aircraft safety equipment, the Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav ensures that when activated, the Kannad Integra (ER-N) ELT always has GPS location data that can be transmitted to the Cospas-Sarsat satellite network in an emergency. Whether the data is from the Kannad Integra (ER-N) ELT’s unique built-in GPS receiver or from the Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav, the emergency services will be able to pin-point location within a few minutes of the beacon being activated.

The Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav enables a connection to the data output from the aircraft’s own panel-mounted GPS, using the ARINC429 or ARINC743 bus, with the aircraft’s position being continually recorded and updated inside the e-Nav during normal operations. In an emergency, the Kannad Integra will first attempt to get a position fix from its internal GPS, as this is the current and therefore most accurate information. If this is unsuccessful, due to shielding of the metal fuselage, the position from the Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav will be used. This records the last known position (before the Master Switch is turned off on final approach during a forced landing), close to the aircraft’s eventual position.

Recognizing the importance of this safety equipment, Kannad Integra ELTs with Kannad Integra ARINC e-Nav have been installed on all Eurocopter, Germany helicopters since 2012.

Compatible with Kannad ELTs ER-N:

Kannad Integra AP (ER-N) P/N S1850501-03
Kannad Integra AF (ER-N) P/N S1851501-03
Kannad Integra AF-H (ER-N) P/N S1852501-03


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